david kalinauskas

Beginning as a teen making Handycam films with his friends on the ski slopes, David has always wanted to tell compelling stories in a visually captivating way.

Throughout university, David was greatly affected by social activism and this piqued his interest in documentaries.
Since then David founded Airfoil and has honed his skills with numerous long and short-form projects, including branded content and commercials. Naturally empathetic and warm, he really enjoys the collaborative process with everyone coming together and contributing to the final outcome. Working in short-form production with other creative people has allowed David to develop a strong visual shorthand that is evident in his contemporary and evocative cinematic style.

Davids's most recently completed film, a documentary called “Freshwater” about the exceptional story of one man who surfs the stormy winter waves of the North American Great Lakes, has signed to US / international distribution with Principal Media, and is currently streaming on CRAVE (Canada), Garage (AUS / NZ) And set for further international release in 2022.

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